Kasperk Castle is a typical landmark of the Upper Otava river landscape. It rises on a forested outcrop of the mountain Zdanov about 3 km north of Kasperske Hory.
The best-known part of the Vydra river is the section with the “Povydri” nature trail, which is rightly called the most beautiful and is therefore the most visited place in the Bohemian Forest.
The picturesque peat bog is accessible on the sidewalk and is equipped with information boards.
The peak with the lookout tower is located 7 km south of Prasily village. At 1,315 meters above sea level, it is a natural landmark of the entire border area.
Zadov sports complex is one of the most popular winter resorts for downhill and cross-country skiing. 50 km of cross-country trails are regularly maintained, most of them are undemanding.
In the visitor center of the National Park Sumava you can see, in addition to the nature trails dedicated to wolves, live wolves in their natural environment.
Kasperske Hory is not only an important tourist center but also a former royal town with a rich history.
It is the highest and most visited mountain in the Bavarian Forest. It can be reached by cable car or on foot and offers views of all directions.
Ski Resort Kasperske Hory has 3 lifts. Ski slopes are of medium difficulty.